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Jones' Junk Drawer

An Exquisite Disaster

Welcome to my blog! I call these collections of stories "My Junk Drawer", a unique blog place for my stories, poems, and miscellaneous amateur writings that I want to share! Jones' Junk Drawer is by no means professional. It is meant to be just some of my fun work! I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts in this junk drawer. Read and enjoy!

Notebook and Pen
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About I don't always add an "About" section, but for this poem, I decided to. It may be confusing, so I want to clear up some minor...

And Their Son

Croaking. Splashing. There are trees all around. Straight on–Bark, Above–Leaves. In the in-between, A precious, personal pond. Mirky....

Goodluck because

This poem may not make sense. The structure is fragile, but poetry makes me smile. The core of a good joke. The structure is fragile, so...

A Strange Day

I had a strange day yesterday. So strange. I saw a cat run through the field to catch nothing. No mice appeared nor anything to catch,...

Rainy night

Tears drop slowly Not as the rain falls fast onto the willow Listen to the rain make its melody Pleasantly onto the willow tree The tree...

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