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Jones' Junk Drawer

An Exquisite Disaster

Welcome to my blog! I call these collections of stories "My Junk Drawer", a unique blog place for my stories, poems, and miscellaneous amateur writings that I want to share! Jones' Junk Drawer is by no means professional. It is meant to be just some of my fun work! I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts in this junk drawer. Read and enjoy!

Notebook and Pen
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Behind The Scenes

I am going to provide a disclaimer before reading this one. As I have matured as a person, some of my writings have also matured. This...

A Bowl of Milk

“Miss, Jess!” a reporter from the back row shouted as I was in the middle of presenting, “can you please explain a little more about what...

Did they just...?

The life of 14 and 16-year-old brothers is about what you’d expect. One of them just started high school and the other one was a sort of...

Writing through the Garden

Each day was the same for him. He would wake up, grab the book, and head to the shop. He was diligent in his reading. He was a structured...

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